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Fairway Lawn and Tree Services is able to spray property bounds for ticks and mosquito control. Many of our customers find this beneficial when planning outdoor celebrations and events. In addition, our pet-loving clients find this essential all summer and into the fall.

Fairway Lawn division is responsive to our customer’s apprehension of exposure for pets and children. We pride ourselves on being receptive to our customer’s requests. If you notify us of upcoming family visits or events, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule and relieve your concerns.

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What You Can Do

Since standing water is a mosquito breeding ground, source reduction can be as simple as overturning an old tin can.

Eliminating mosquito breeding areas can be an extremely effective way to prevent mosquito population.

There are some common places standing water can be found and should be emptied:

  • Roof Gutters
  • Old Tires
  • Unused or Poorly Maintained Ponds
  • Buckets and or Pails
  • Storage Sheds

To help protect yourself and your family from tick born illnesses:

  • Wear Light Colored Protective Clothing
  • Tuck Pant Legs into Socks
  • Avoid Tick-Infested Areas
  • Check Yourself, Children and Pets Daily for Ticks
  • Carefully and Promptly Remove Ticks

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